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COVID-19 Solutions & Monitoring for Your MRI

During a pandemic, there’s a lot to worry about. The state of your magnet shouldn’t be one of them.

Social distancing, stay at home orders, and shutdowns have forced many non-emergency scanning facilities into hibernation mode. In fact, we have seen approximately 10-15% of our contracted sites switch to offering limited services or closing their doors altogether for the next 30-90 days. Your facility may be going through something similar. Even if your site isn’t scanning due to a COVID shutdown or decrease in on-site care, your cooling systems still need to continue to run and operate efficiently.

“If your coldhead went down today and in a couple weeks when you came back in to turn your system back on, you wouldn’t have a magnet. The cost of a magnet recovery is upwards of $100,000 and will take at least two weeks to get back up and running.”  Sean Mykleby, President and Founder of Thermo Magnetics & Cryogens, Inc. (TMC)

What Have You Got to Lose With No Visibility? Money, Time, & Peace of Mind.

Not having eyes on your magnet over the weekend is worrisome. Not having eyes on your magnet over the course of weeks or a month? That’s just trouble waiting to happen. For sites that have gone into hibernation, you need to make sure you keep visibility on the vital cooling systems for your MRI machines. Just because your tech is home and your scans are postponed doesn’t mean that your system stops running. 

The biggest risk is going to be for the cooling systems that keep your magnet functioning properly. If your cryogen system shuts off due to a chiller or coldhead malfunction, you will start losing liquid helium on an hourly basis. We probably don’t need to tell you this, but there’s a lot of hours in 30 days. You wouldn’t know about the issue unless someone came in and took a look at it – which isn’t likely to happen under a quarantine. 

COVID-19 Magnet Protection

We are all trying to get on the other side of this pandemic. It’s just a matter of how we will get there and how much we will have to recover. We don’t want you to have a trainwreck to deal with right when you get back to work. So, let us help.

Don’t Let a Bad Situation Get Any Worse. We Can Help.

During these unprecedented times, having a remote monitoring system, which allows you to proactively address issues in order to prevent major equipment failures, becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. With the Remote Diagnostics Unit, you know that your equipment, climate, network, and power are all being monitored 24/7, even when you’ve clocked out for the weekend …or you’re quarantined for the foreseeable future.