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We’re Not Just a Parts Company.

OEM-Trained, Full-Service Care for Your Cryogenic Cooling Systems.

We know that caring for your cooling equipment is more than just replacing parts and reacting to malfunctions. ThermoMagnetics & Cryogens Inc. (TMC) has over 20 years of experience providing total magnet care to our customers, including cooling equipment repair and refurbishment, on-site service for MRI, NMR, and Cryopumps, and providing preventative maintenance through 24/7 monitoring.

TMC can quickly and confidently diagnose the problem, provide the solution, and get you back up and scanning within hours instead of days.

Servicing ALL Parts of Your Cooling System:

  • Coldhead repair  
  • Coldhead Replacement Manufacturing
  • Magnet Maintenance
  • Cryogen Fills
  • Remote Monitoring and diagnostics

We Know You Can’t Afford to Wait

Downtime can lead to exorbitant cost when it comes to your cooling system. Whether you’re an imaging center that loses revenue from the inability to scan and having to replace costly liquid helium; a pharmaceutical company that needs to halt production; or an R&D department that loses grants and funding from not meeting a deadline, you can’t afford to wait for repair, replacement parts, or refurbishment. 

As a full-service company, we understand the challenges you face when your system goes down, especially from the cost of operations standpoint. At TMC, we are dedicated to providing the customer experience you’re expecting from start to finish. So when you have a problem, all you need to do is pick up the phone, get a diagnosis, receive your quote, and our technical support team or on-site engineers will get you back up and back in business.

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Preventative Care for Your MRI

Learn about real-time monitoring with our RDU.