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Industries Served

  • Medical Imaging
  • Manufacturing
  • R& D and Universities

Medical Imaging




R&D and Universities


We understand your magnet options are directly connected to the mission of your business. When your magnet isn’t operating you’re unable to do the important work that you need to do. 

Keep your magnet running right so you can fulfill your mission.

Get an assessment of your situation

Review your options for resolution

Set up proactive measures to avoid future problems

You need a partner with experience and expertise to give you a real assessment of the situation, get you back up and running and put process and procedures in place to help you avoid downtime.

With thousands of Coldheads, compressors and chillers will all fail at some point, the question is will you have the notice you need to avoid having that failure turn into a catastrophe?

Flying blind when it comes to the condition and operation of your magnet cooling systems, you’re reliant on someone remembering to go and look at the numbers on a periodic basis to ensure a major problem doesn’t lie ahead.